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Our Mission

The rich cultural heritage of Cambodia represents a dynamic syncretism of religion, language, and geography, all of which contributed to the civilization’s great achievements in the arts.  Cambodians have a beautiful and distinctive style of art, architecture, music, and dance that center around belief systems blending Buddhism, Hinduism, and indigenous, animistic mythology. During the golden age of Cambodia from the 9th to 14th centuries, known as the Angkor period, Cambodia flourished and throughout all of Southeast Asia disseminated its rich cultural heritage. Much of these traditions have been lost over time, eroded at first by warring neighborhoods, a devastating blow during the reign of the Khmer Rouge, and the resulting genocide of indigenous peoples. 

The goal of this organization is to ensure that the precious heirlooms of Cambodian ancestry are preserved, celebrated, and passed down through generations. The Cambodian people have endured devastating tragedy and loss, but the cohesiveness of the Cambodian civilization in contemporary times especially with many people in diaspora in corners of the globe depends upon the sacred age old traditions. From dance performances to sculpture design, from stone carvings to intricately woven fabrics, Cambodian culture has been the defining hallmark of our own upbringing and the more we understand the history of our people, the more we know how far these customs have traveled against great odds. We feel endowed with the responsibility to keep this legacy alive through the revival of Cambodian art, folklore, and traditions.

Cambodian Statues
Male Dancers
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